Regal Select Exterior REVIVE for Vinyl Siding is specially formulated for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim, giving your home a fresh look in just the color you want. Made with proprietary Vinyl Lock technology, Regal Select Exterior REVIVE provides long lasting beauty and protection, whether you are looking to refresh your faded siding with a color close to the original or it’s time for a dramatic change.

Regal Select Exterior REVIVE for Vinyl Siding Low Lustre
  • Superior adhesion with Vinyl Lock technology to safely refresh the look and color of your home
  • Durable finish to resist fading, cracking and peeling
  • Paint and Primer together
  • A wide selection of colors formulated to be safe for vinyl and resist buckling even in darker shades
  • SDS / TDS

Ideal when you need:

  • Complete confidence that the paint will adhere and last on vinyl siding and trim
  • Available in hundreds of colors that are safe for vinyl